Dear friend,

I’m Vera. I’m researching Italy. I really want to know some things ! How long has the Coliseum been standing? And please tell me more about Old Befana. I’m curious! Also why is pasta so famous? I have been to Italy. I like the Italian language. Ciao thank you Vera


Kindness is important. It means helping someone pick up papers that they have dropped. Also saying a compliment and not a comment. But what it really means is sharing, giving something someone might not have, and supporting someone if they need it.  Kindness is so so so IMPORTANT to remember.  Just by one act of kindness, you can change someone’s day so fast. One time someone sat next to me when i was alone and this is my poem:






I would to travel to Aruba so I can see flamingos.  Then i would go to Egypt to see the pyramids.  And finally, I would go to Australia to see the kangaroos.  If i went to Aruba .is it the closest country to the equator? And if i went to Egypt will i have to wear sunscreen all the time ahhhhh?  And are the pyramids taller than me? Also if I went to Australia do the kangaroos follow you and live everywhere?

I like to travel with my family all over the world in April, February and June. i wish I could take my dogs, cats, hamster, the chickens and the fish, but we could not fit in the car or the plane.  Plus they would need food and water. Also I would have to learn different languages.  Bye see you in my next blog. Oh and give me a comment when you have a chance.


For Inquiry Wonderland I was studing flamingos .My favertie facts were the colar of flamingos fethers how they get the pink is beacase of the alerge that comes from the water and also the shirmp. I also studyed blue morphos. I like that they are one of the biggest butterfly in the world .They live in the Amazon. one side of there wings  are blue and the other side of there wings are dull brown . I Also studded deer. They are well known as cloven hoof animals .They  have 1 baby a year  . And they live up to 10-20 years .My faverite custermer was my mom beacase she asked me really cool questions .This was a fun perogect got to go online for studying.

happy new year

the most memorable thing that I made over vacation was watching my little cousin give me his first smile to me.the most special thing in 2019 was going to Italy and going with close friends. my resolution that I want to make this year is going outside to play more basketball with my brother and to get more along with him .  Also what I got that I really wanted was a desk a teal desk.