the assembly

On December 8th we had an assembly. My brother was in it.  He spoke. There were 9 mice: the kindness mice, the honesty mice, the teamwork mice, the courage mice, the patience mice,  the responsibility mice, the friendship mice, the acceptance mice and the respect mice.  These are all the mice that help us think of how we need to act to be kind. The 5th graders did it .


If i was frosty.I would probily build a fort.And stay in their my hole life .If i was a elf i would eat ginger bread houses every day if you never seen snow its white and cold if it gets on your face its gets way more colder.well my favriote part of winter is throwing snow balls at my dog Thor .ice is like cold just like snow but if you jump on it you know its going to break . i alway wake up at 345am every Christmas night i also like skiing and leaving cookie for Santa we make them

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The wind is wild the snow is freezing                                                                                            the sky is cloudy

bodies are cold

snow pants are wet

hats and gloves are snowy