A strange day in July

Luke and Jessica  were in Greece 1958.  They told their mom, “We are going to go skip rocks.” They went to go  start skipping rocks over and over. The sun was glistening on the water. Then it happened.  When they threw the rock at the same time, both of the rocks took 10 skips and then came right back.

“Why did it come back,” they were thinking .

They are magical stones,” Jessica said.  “I have read about them. No one has seen one since 1000 of years before.”

“What if we show someone then we could become rich,” Luke said.

“No, we can’t do that. Then it is not a secret.”

sun and wind

The lesson was don’t compare yourself. The sun and the wind are are different because  one of them is blowing and another is bright.  But they can be in the same weather in a day. I noticed that they are both weather. I like that sun better it gets you in a good mood


mystery person

I am smart cuddly  fluffy soft

Who loves yarn ‘ and ‘getting ‘love

who dislikes water and being lock up in a room

who feels loved and proud

who likes to see people and have fun

who dreams of  going outside and eating fish

who ends up being so cute

who am I