I love Music so much. I like country ‘rock and Jazz .I sing and dance to them I think i can go far with my voice .I want to go on American  idol some day  . I watch the episodes with my family at night . Singing is a big hobby for me .


1 .What i found in my yard that makes me happy is our chickens.because when they’re happy, I’m happy  cause they are free range.

I love to smell the flowers in our house.

4.I enjoy looking at the field which has really health grass.

5. i like looking also at the chicken coop cause its my Favorite Color .

6.our nature trail is is somehing we are grateful for too.


Every year the easter bunny leaves jelly beans all over our house. Also he leaves us an egg hunt. this year I want him to leave one in the chicken house. I like the candies he gives me like sour patch kids and m and ms .Also he gives me outside toys like a hula hoop or bubbles, a soccer ball or a bouncy ball.

math answers Part one and Part 2

Part 1:

28 /7=c .          I figured out the problem was answer c because the teacher had twenty eight  donuts and he shared them with seven kids.

4 x 9 =b .     I figured out the problem for answer b because there were four logs and 9 turtles

Part 2:

10×4= Thor had made 10 Easter eggs and he put 4 candies in each of them for the Easter bunny. How many candies did he leave for the Easter bunny?

24/4= There were 24 daisies and 4 families who wanted them. How many daisies did each family get?

In the morning I hear

In the morning i hear my dad showering for work . I hear my dogs barking at squirrels. I can hear  my mom making coffee .And our kitten zeus running around the house. Im grateful because my dad is showering for work that means he has a great job. Im grateful that my dogs  can run around in the backyard. coffee thats means everybody is happy and wakes up healthy. Im grateful to have a kitten that is so fun to play with and that he has a place to run around.