I love soccer i play with Sophie May Kathrine and some others our team is called sting my favorite position is striker or middy also defence we play at seacost united my team is really good we play on tuesdays

Harriet Tubman

Last year I was Harriet Tubman for the wax museum. Today I will just tell you 5 more waxes: Landon was Walt Disney, Kathrine was Jane Goodall, Sophie was Joan of Arc, Estella was Beatrix Potter, Elena was Amelia Earhart , May was Cleopatra,  Justin was Benjamin Franklin  and Piper was an artist, Freida Kahlo. Bye make sure you smash that comment Button.

3e class

In 3e we have Vera, MAX, BRADY, ANNA, HOLDEN, KATHERINE, EDWARD, ELENA, PIPER, VAN,  LANDON, MAY, PAUL, ESTELLA, MRS DOUGLAS, SOPHIE, LANDIN, JAVEY, JUSTIN, AND MRS EAVES. We are all smart and we’re a great class.  We learn and we’re friends.  We’re careful and helpful.  We’re book-lovers and we share.  We’re kind and respectful.  We’re a little bit crazy too.