I don’t know if there is going to be track but i hope so. this year i  will be really fast  and i will be running with my friend Zoey. we’ve known each other since we were 3. she a good friend plus tall. we like to run with each other a  lot. she lives in hampton.


so a lot of people asked  me how did i do that and it is confusing so first i will teach you how you write the language

so down on you computer  there is option key that is what the button says on it you hold option  and press letters and spell stuff

and i dont know the language ¨ƒ©˙∆˜ƒ∆.  I

our yard

in our yard we have a lot of flowers on our lawn every time we mo the lawn   the flowers grow right back it tacks them about one day  there are. are two flowers on our lawn dandy lions then the pre dandy lions

my favorite sport

Its hard i love soccer and cross country i have to go with cross country  i. like cross country because you get to meet new people and have fun also travel im a really good runner and i leave no medal behind a lot of the time a get medals i even  go by a lot of people cause i practice a lot


Squares-4 equal sides, 4 right angles, parallel lines, closed shaped

Parallelogram-1 pair of parallel sides, quadrilateral, closed shape, opposite sides are equal

Trapezoids-1 pair of parallel lines, closed shape, lines are not always equal,  quadrilateral


TOMORROW I’M GOING TO MAINE. I’m so excited .It’s a three hour ride and if you are thinking we are bringing all our pets, we are not. We are just bringing Thor and Nora our dogs. I’m exited for the sunrise and fishing and nature trails and kayaking and paddle boards  and fishing and waterfalls and atving on awesome trails.  My Nini said there are beautiful flowers. I forget what they are called, but i know what they look like the purple beautiful flowers.