cross country

On the 27th of October 2019 I had a cross country race.   When I was on the line to start I was so nervous.  All my friends on my team were cheering. It was one mile.  I got in 15 place out of 125 people.  I got in 1st place in my age group.  I won 2medals.  1 for 1st place, another for 3rd place on my team. I’m am so proud of myself every time I race. I put so much effort into cross country.


my dog

I have a dog named Nora.  She is so playful and fun.  When she goes outside, her hiding spot is under the deck. I also have another dog.  His name is Thor.  In the summer he likes when I spray the hose on him.  I love my dogs so much.  They were my first animals.

All About Me

All About Vera
My name is Vera! I’m 8 years old. I live with my brother named Brian and Mom and Dad. My favorite sports are basketball, lacrosse, and soccer. Also, my favorite color is yellow. I have 1 hamster, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 14 chickens, 1 lizard, and 2 fish. My three bff’s are Sophie, Caroline and Zoey. I have traveled to Hawaii, Greece, Costa Rica, Italy, Maine, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida and Grand Cayman. I’m in 3 rd grade. My favorite animal is a flamingo. My hobbies are singing, dancing, making bracelets and swinging. My favorite foods are donuts and popcorn most no me as freckle face
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