I don’t know if there is going to be track but i hope so. this year i  will be really fast  and i will be running with my friend Zoey. we’ve known each other since we were 3. she a good friend plus tall. we like to run with each other a  lot. she lives in hampton.

3 thoughts on “track”

  1. Hi Vera,
    I hope you will be able to run in track this year too. I know you love it and I know you are really fast. It is great to have something you love and a great friend to share it with.
    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    🏃‍♀️🤞🏼💕 Mrs. Eaves

  2. Hi V! Track sounds very fun and I will be there to cheer you on whenever it is!! I don’t know if track is for me though. Great job and hope to see you soon!


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