I know how to write a confusing language

˙ˆ ˆµ √´®å

hi im vera

¬ˆ√´˜ ˆ˜ †˙´ ¨ßå

I live in the usa

ˆ ˙å√´ å   ∫®ø†˙´® ˙ˆß ˜åµ´ ˆß ∫®ˆå˜

I have a brother named Brian

ˆµ ˆ˜ †˙ˆ®∂ ©®å∂´

im in third grade

4 thoughts on “I know how to write a confusing language”

  1. Hi Vera,
    What is the name of the language? How did you learn it. I noticed you were using it to sign your name on some of your comments. Are you going to teach us the code, or keep it a secret.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas! Fun!
    🕵🏼‍♀️Mrs. Eaves

  2. Hi V! That is a very confusing language! I also want to know what it is called and can you teach it to me? I also want to know how you learned it. Great job and hope to see you soon!

    – Your friend, Sophie

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