Wild Weather

It was a beautiful day. My brother and I decided we wanted to kayak on the lake. We hopped in our kayaks and headed north. We looked up and saw clouds.  They were big puffy storm clouds. We looked at each other in shock . We were afraid that a storm was coming.

”Hey Brian! Do you think we will have to turn around, ” asked Vera.

”’ Yes, I’m afraid so,” Brian said.


As we got back to our cabin we had a picnic with our family inside .  I looked up at the sky I saw stratocumulus clouds.  Stratocumulus clouds are rain clouds spreading across the sky. Soon the rain drops started.

This started from hot air in the sky and cold air coming up the clouds were getting bigger as we talked.

Before we knew it, it started to thunder. We started seeing lightning, hearing thunder, and we even saw a bit of hail. We were glad we were inside because thunderstorms can be dangerous, especially if you are in the water.

As the storm went on, the power went out. Then I looked outside and a tree fell down. The tree was tall, ruined, and brown. Branches on the tree had broken and made a loud noise like “creek, creek, creek.” The tree fell on our chairs outside. This was one big thunderstorm.

This brought me back to the memory of February 6 when a big blizzard happened. We had to stay inside and it was impossible to see. The blizzard started from small snow flakes that turned into lots of snow. Before the blizzard started I saw altocumulus clouds. They were thick, blue, grey, blanket like clouds made of ice and water. I knew that snow was likely coming with these clouds.

The blizzard lasted 24 hours and brought 4-5 ft of snow. There was a lot of wind,  it blew 35 miles per hour and took down 16 trees in our yard. When the blizzard was over, I built a big snowman and had a snowball fight with Thor. I shoveled the pathway with my dad and brother. WHAT A STORM!

The more I thought about it, I have been in a bunch of big storms. One of them that I remembered was a tornado that happened in Florida. We were visiting some family. The storm happened on a Wednesday Feb 24. We were at the beach when we felt this big breeze of wind. The sky started to turn grey, we knew we had to get off the beach. We looked across the ocean and saw a big grey swirl of wind getting bigger and bigger and bigger. It hit the beach and started picking up all kinds of things. It started picking up beach chairs, towels, sand, and cars.

We ran back to the beach house that we rented and closed the windows, locked the doors, and hid under tables while the storm passed. After 2 hours we came out and everything outside was destroyed. Everything had been picked up and there was stuff all over the beach. We ran over to the beach and picked up trash and anything we could find.

The storm outside our cabin started to slow down. The big clouds started to go away and the lightning and thunder stopped. The rain was still coming down slowly, just a few drops. My brother and I were happy because we could go back to kayaking soon. I like to be able to experience all these cool types of weathers that happen.

As the we got back on the lake me and my brother saw cumulous clouds forming we were happy .As we got further into the lake the clouds were moving like butterflies in the air. We were very happy to see the sun out again.

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  1. Hi Vera,
    This is a creative and well organized informational narrative. Thank you for working on it a little every day! It is something to be very proud of.
    ✏️🌧☀️🌈 Mrs. Eaves

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