Squares-4 equal sides, 4 right angles, parallel lines, closed shaped

Parallelogram-1 pair of parallel sides, quadrilateral, closed shape, opposite sides are equal

Trapezoids-1 pair of parallel lines, closed shape, lines are not always equal,  quadrilateral

2 thoughts on “Shapes”

  1. Hi Vera,
    You show that you are starting to learn how to describe shapes according to the type sides they have. It looks like you know what parallel and intersecting lines are. You know how to describe right angles.
    All the shapes are quadrilaterals. That isn’t an attribute. The types of sides and the types or angles it has, defines the type of quadrilateral you’ve got.When you review your work, can you correct your description of the parallelogram and the trapezoid and leave the correction in a comment.
    Thanks for always giving your best effort and trying to do each assignment so you are learning new things.
    I admire that!
    💗Mrs. Eaves

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