TOMORROW I’M GOING TO MAINE. I’m so excited .It’s a three hour ride and if you are thinking we are bringing all our pets, we are not. We are just bringing Thor and Nora our dogs. I’m exited for the sunrise and fishing and nature trails and kayaking and paddle boards  and fishing and waterfalls and atving on awesome trails.  My Nini said there are beautiful flowers. I forget what they are called, but i know what they look like the purple beautiful flowers.

2 thoughts on “MAINE”

  1. Hi Vera,
    I hope you have a wonderful time. I look forward to hearing about what you like the best. Maybe you’ll make a “Top 10” list.
    I think the flowers you are talking about are lupines. They are beautiful. Do you know the book Miss Rumphius? I think you would like it ~especially the lupine!
    You make the world a better place. Love your joy!
    👊🏻Mrs. Eaves

  2. That must have been very exiting and I new you already left because you sent me a video of you in the car and we video chatted right before you left, you were packing! I would love to here about what you did in Maine. It sounds like an awesome adventure before it snowed!

    Hope to see you soon!


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