amazing dream

I had a amazing dream that I went to the Amazon River.It was 96°degrees there. The sun was shining on my face.  There were frogs, lizards, and don’t get me started on the snakes.  I saw some rocks so I decided to jump off the rocks into the water 6 times. The sun had a face and was smiling at me and that made me smile. There were cumulous clouds as i was drying off . I went to discover animals and nature.

One thought on “amazing dream”

  1. Hi Vera,
    That does sound like an amazing dream – all but the snakes. I think snakes are cool and I mean them no harm, but they creep me out. I wish they didn’t but they do give me a start.
    Your dream seems bright and happy and warm. (Were they any blue morphos in your dream?)
    🦋Thanks for sharing great writing with us!
    ☀️Mrs. Eaves

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