secret passage

I discovered a secret passage through my mirror. When I got through it i saw a rainbow with all 7 colors. The portal brought me to the beach in Hawaii with sand that was hot under my feet. There was pretty turquoise colored water. I jumped in the water and saw many colorful sunfish. I went out a little deeper where the coral reef was and I saw some jelly fish and lion fish and sea urchins. Among the sea urchins there was a king and queen that were massive. I knew that if I stepped on one that I would be in a lot of pain and have gushing blood.

It was getting hot and I was starting to get hungry and thirsty so I knew I had to go back. The portal wasn’t in the same spot as when I had come through. I looked all over and realized it was in a surf shop on the beach. When I got to the surf shop, a guy stopped me and asked what I was doing in there. I told him I was going through a portal, and he was confused. I ran past him and went to a surf board that I found on the wall, I said the password “1,2,3,4,5,5,4,3,2,1” and I hopped in lickedty split. The portal was the same as before but with way more rainbows. When I got back I landed in my chicken coop. I was dizzy and happy to be home.

2 thoughts on “secret passage”

  1. Hi Vera,
    There are so many things about this piece of writing. I like to description and your visual details. I like how you told a story, but share information about the reef in it. I’m glad there was a little tension and action when you had to search for the portal and when readers weren’t all the way certain you’d be allowed back.
    Your conclusion is just perfect for you because we know you love your chickens. I wonder if the portal will be there tomorrow and if it is, will it take you to the same place?
    Thanks for sharing your writing.
    ✏️Mrs. Eaves

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