Tacky the Penguin- Pro and Con list

Pros-He would be fun to be around because he would make funny pictures and make us laugh. He would be nice and he would help us take care of the animals in our class. He would be nice to have in our family because he would play with our animals and give them a lot of time.

Cons-He would mess up everything. When we line up in class, he would cut people in the hall. He would be a distraction and make learning hard. He would leave the caps open on the markers and they would dry out.

“Good bird to be around” traits- I am nice, helpful, and responsible

One thought on “Tacky the Penguin- Pro and Con list”

  1. Hi Vera,
    I really like how you thought about Tacky in our class and Tacky at your home. I agree with your description.

    I also agree with your positive traits. Those are the things that bring the world joy.
    Thank you!
    🐧Mrs. Eaves

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